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I was taken aback when going through the submissions this week– there  were so many powerful, strong, opinionated pieces that I felt really  taken aback.  With overwhelming positivity or negativity, the fashion  community is finding it’s voice– and making themselves heard! The fashion community is great at sharing the voice of others, and  we’ve got several fabulous interviews to prove it.  From Derek Lam at  Poetic & Chic and White Rabbit’s interview with Irish woman Sinead  Doyle (along with my own interview with Amelia Arsenic at Dramatis  Personae), there are voices for everyone.  We’ve got bloggers ranting on  the lack of premium denim in plus-sizes at Denim Debutante (hell  yeah!), and some showcasing inspirational figures like KOOS (at  M.I.S.S.), Philip Crangi (at Eternal Masquerade), and Maria Felix (at  Jewelry Whore).
There were so, so many great links this week, it really was hard to  narrow it down to 2o. Check out the full listing of Links  à la Mode here.

Links à la Mode : March 18th    

  • Bachman's Sparrow – DIY post on how to use bleach  to revamp your “unloved” clothes!    
  • blackdog finds: – How To: 10 Creative Ways to  Revive Less-Than-Loved Clothing    
  • Denim Debutante: – Guest Blog: Is there Size  Discrimination in Premium Denim?    
  • dramatis personae: – Amelia Arsenic’s Miss X  Aesthetic Laboratories & Interview     
  • Eternal Masquerade: – How I Met Design Duo of Giles  & Brother, Philip and Courtney Crangi 
  • Fashion Hippo – Win Marc by Marc Jacobs Leola Bow  Wow Handbag    
  • Fashion Pulse Daily: – Not Your Daughter’s Jeans:  Fit for a Mother AND a Daughter?    
  • fete a fete: – Whiisical spring designs from Camper  shoes    
  • Forty Not Out: – Louis Vuitton – Fall Winter  2010/2011    
  • Grechen Blogs: – are you incorporating video into  your blog? how is it working for you?   
  • Independent  Fashion Bloggers – A New Map of the Two-Way Street: Why Giving Back  to the Blogosphere is Key to Growth    
  • jesse.anne.o: – How do you swap, thrift or buy  resale and NOT get bedbugs?    
  • Jewelry Whore: – “The Fabulous Jewels of Maria  Felix, La Dona”    
  • M.I.S.S.: – Eyes To The Sky: Before BOHO There Was  KOOS.    
  • Obsession: – How I Met Design Duo of Giles &  Brother, Philip and Courtney Crangi    
  • Oranges and Apples: – Sustainable fashion part 2:  thinking about speed    
  • Poetic & Chic: – A candid interview with Derek  Lam, fellow San Franciscan and fellow high school alumni!    
  • Pretty Shiny Sparkly: –  It’s  leather. It’s quilted. It’s a computer, for fashionistas.    
  • Style Symmetry: – Interview with the Stylish  Sisters of Beckerman Bite Plate    
  • The Thinking Fashionista: – An in-depth, critical  look at the Russian Futurist themes of Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2010  show.    
  • The Working Man: – Incorporating Spring Into Your  Working Look
  • White Rabbit: – An interview with Irish fashion  Designer Sinead Doyle and the inspiration behind her S/S 2010  collection.


  1. thanks for the links. i was really inspired by the bleached leggings. i think i might go searching in my closet for clothes that could be amped up by that technique. m

  2. thanks for all of the great links! i love discovering new websites!


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