Fashion Therapy - Leprechaun Legs

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I wore my minty new pair of tights to avoid people threatening me with pinches all day long. Sheesh this holiday makes people a little crazy. I'm watching The Rescuers instead of drinking beer, ha! 

I couldn't resist testing out my new boots today! There is something interesting about being on eye level with people; they treat you differently! Not being accustomed to heels, I started limping around work after about five hours and changed into flats. I know my legs will get stronger if I keep wearing 'em, but I still really look with awe upon girls who wear high heels on a daily basis. To me, that shows dedication and grit, no matter how "girly" it's meant to look!

cardigan - h&m, 3 mo. old | dress - self made | belt - crossroads, new | tights - uo, new | boots - uo, new

Five Things That Made Me Yay Today
♥ steaming hot chai latte mix from Trader Joe's ♥ feeling the sun's warmth for the fourth day in a row (fingers crossed it lasts through the week!) ♥ getting a tank top all cut out & ready to sew ♥ knowing that my weekend  is sure to be exciting: birthday, flea market, hair-cutting party & alice in wonderland are all lined up ♥ nacho fries & a mango-vanilla soy shake for lunch - yum!

What made your day?



  1. How have I never seen your blog before? It is amazing. I love your style so much! This is great..I love the color of your tights and those boots are killer! Happy St Patricks! I love the rescuers :) Have a great rest of your day. x

  2. love your shoes!!!! and pictures!! great!

  3. Love the boots! Really cool. If I manage to force myself down the gym today then it will be a yay moment!

  4. Love those shoes!

    The warm weather in Boston is really making my day/week :)

  5. Fabulous dress and I love the booties! I used to LOVE The Rescuers... I was so mad my mom didn't name me Penny!

  6. Love the heels. dont worry im sure you will get used to wearing them - just dont kill your tosies! :)

    Wanderlusting Fool

  7. I just wanted to say I discovered you blog a few weeks ago and I LOVE LOVE it ! It's not so much your clothing style than your happy expression (and the YAY at the end)(and those landscapes and this sun behind you)... Feels like you're an always smiling and nice neighbor or co-worker I know I'll meet each day :-)
    Elle (Paris, France)

  8. Oh my, those boots! My heart flutters! Are these the heels you mentioned? I love heels but man, flats are so comfortable!

    Thanks for the comment.

    Sarah Yvonne


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