Fashion Therapy - Green Gold

Got up in a fog today. Do you ever have nightmares about work, then wake up to go to work and feel vaguely apprehensive all day? Well I did this morning. And it was raining. Luckily the day was slow and my outlook improved*. Outfit pics consisted of me standing in the rain while the camera stood in the doorway, nice and dry.

Wore the scarf I finished last week; not knowing yet what else to do with green, I wore a loose top in my favorite color combo (gold + black). I love that top but find it hard to wear very often. The casual grey sweater is to tone down the combination of shiny shirt fabric and knee high boots. I love those boots, to me they're like another pair of pants, or chaps or something else equally warm and protective. But  I don't think of them as "sexy," though I think that's how most people view tall boots, even if they're not high heeled. I feel like I caught a lot of weird/appraising looks today.

♥ scarf - self-knit | new
♥ patterned top - michael by michael kors, via crossroads | 1.5 years old
♥ kimono cardigan - forever 21 | 9 months
♥ jeans - just usa | 1-2 years
♥ boots - unknown, via ross | 5 months
♥ gloves - discount/diy studs | 6 months
♥ umbrella - ebay | 2 years

*A note for anyone braving another day in the retail trenches, or really everyone in general:
In your mind's eye, try to imagine every person you encounter is an old friend — look them in the eye more than you normally would, smile, stand tall and turn your body toward them. This kind of body language creates feelings of friendliness, equality, and openness, in both of you. Try it for one day and see if some magical things don't happen.


  1. I really like the blouse! I think it looks great combined with the scarf :)

  2. hi there. just found you via flickr. love your blog and what you wrote down by your profile. i'm your newest follower :D

  3. I love your outfit! How do you like your umbrella? I ordered one just like that a few days ago!

  4. great advice!!! i adore your look!! :D

  5. Nah...I have to feign complete friendliness in my job as a server and there're still the people who answer your, "Hello! How are you today?" with something like, "Coffee." Hahahaha.


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