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Wednesday night I went up to the Fox Theater, both because Metric is awesome & for my friend's birthday!

But first, I took outfit photos. Concerts provide some challenges for me: one, I'm short and do not enjoy staring at people's shoulder blades while listening to good tune-age, and two, I'm usually cold because I don't worm my way into the front. Hence, I doubled up on sweaters and wore my favorite new platform boots to brave the Oakland night.

Put up your dukes, I love gooooold.

I love this wrap sweater; the open knit lets in too much chilly air to wear on it's own, but it'll be perfect for balmy summer evenings. The belt is tooled leather with roses and western silver hardware - so dreamy!

I won this sweet purse from The SF Style's Purple Deer Vintage giveaway and it arrived in the mail RIGHT as I was heading out. What perfect timing! The purse is absolutely gorgeous, thank you Melissa, JT and Dyanna! It even has little lion FEET on the bottom, how awesome is that?!

sweater - the limited, via crossroads, *new  |  belt - thrifted from crossroads, new  |  owl ring - crossroads
jeans - wet seal, 10 mo. |  boots - uo, new  |  purse - Purple Deer Vintage , new  |  gold ring - forever 21

Emulating the cool art in the elevator of The Frank Hotel.
I know I've got like, the most amazing photography skills. I mean, look you can kind of see...not much! The singer was wearing white feathers and a silver sequined skirt and danced/headbanged all over that stage the entire night; they were fabulous, played my favorite songs, and were incredibly conscious and grateful to be there, performing music as their job. I love when musicians seem to genuinely enjoy what they're doing, even though they've been doing it for years. I hope someday I'll have a job with passion like that.

Five Things That Made Me Yay Today
♥ sleeping in, then lying in bed eating Lucky Charms and catching up with google reader & Chictopia ♥ receiving my vintage purse prize in the mail and discovering it has FEET! ♥ eating a piece of SF pizza with the most amazing light crust, in front of a mural titled "Somewhere in Italy" haha! ♥ not getting lost more than once the whole longgg night (we live about 75 miles south of the area) ♥ stopping at In-and-Out on the way home for a late night cheeseburger animal-style, mmm. ♥ oh yeah, did I mention how great dancing to Metric was?!

What's one of the best shows you've been to?


  1. That owl ring is fabulous! I love owl jewelry- especially if it's vintage. Sadly- have not been to any shows in so long I cannot say... must try.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring into Spring giveaway

  2. The hardware on the belt and purse are FABULOUS. ahhh way to let the details shine! The pictures were great. The rings are great looking AND functional at a concert - you can throw a mean punch if someone's elbow knocks your face.

    I'm glad you had a great time at the concert. My best show would have to be Dir En Grey (jrock band). The energy was amazing and Davis&I were right up at the front of the stage.. mosh pit and all happening around us.

  3. I just saw Miike Snow and really enjoyed them. I hope to see more shows this summer... I love the details in your outfit. The owl ring is my favorite piece.

  4. I would kill to see Metric! Even though they are "based in Toronto" they are almost never in Toronto :( they are constantly touring and stuff. I think the best show I saw live was Muse (amazing light works and fancy instruments and special effects used in concert halls), and after that probably Ladytron (open air near the Toronto Harbourfront).


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