Shopping: Modcloth sale coats

modcloth sale coatsmodcloth sale coats
Modcloth is having a huge 70% off sale right now... why did I sign up for that newsletter... darn it!
I love love love these coats, and they're both on sale for less than $40! I need to sleep on this rash decision, since I already ordered those vintage boots this paycheck. Okay that sounds good, I'll sleep on it and then check my bank account for the zillionth time to make sure bank of america hasn't been holding back a charge, lying in wait to screw me over.

Editor's Note: I emailed the company, asking where these coats were made, and since I'm on day five of trying to not buy anything new made outside the U.S., well, these are out  *sigh*


  1. That houndstooth jacket is perfect. Less than $40 is crazy. Buy them both!

  2. love both of these! under 40 is amazing, buy them! i'm sure you won't regret it


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