Kindle Cozies

If you or someone you love needs a hand-made, one-of-a-kind, Kindle Cozy, please check out my etsy store!

After a friend received her much-coveted Kindle for Christmas, she enlisted me to make a case for it. She loved it so much and I got so much positive feedback from people who saw it that I've jumped back on the crochet cozy train.

kindle case cover cozy crochet kindle
Custom orders are available (Any color! Stripes!) and new styles will be added soon.

Admittedly I was and still am skeptical about a lot of the Kindle's points, and I still greatly prefer good old books, but I did enjoy the greatest factor of all, which my friend pointed out to me: no more sore arms from holding books in uncomfortable positions while reading lying on your side! Genius!

And if I did have a Kindle of my own, I'd actually probably want a case like this:
kindle case cover cozy crochet kindle



  1. i'm such a sucker for anything old fashioned and kitschy - these are awesome!


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