The Milanese Marchesa Luisa Casati (1881-1957) inspired and patronized the artists and writers of her heyday with her outlandish taste, lavish parties and indomitable will.
Her message is clear: Live life to the fullest, be a living work of art and inhabit your own fantasy world. 

marchesa luisa casati
(Just try not to rack up $25 million in debt doing it...)

marchesa luisa casatimarchesa luisa casati
The Marchesa was using live snakes as necklaces and taking her cheetahs for an eye-
catching evening stroll longgg before Paris Hilton "invented" the animal-as-accessory.

marchesa luisa casati

"The enormous agate-black eyes seemed to be eating her thin face. Again she was a vision, 
a mad vision, surrounded as usual by her black and white greyhounds and a host of charming
and utterly useless ornaments. But curiously enough she did not look unnatural. The fantastic
garb really suited her. She was so different from other women that ordinary clothes were
impossible for her." – Catherine Barjansky
marchesa luisa casati

"Was this the vampire Nosferatu in drag or the daughter of Dracula turned grandmother?  
On this skeleton tawdry fineries had acquired an elegance beyond the canons of any fashion." – Philippe Jullian
marchesa luisa casati man ray
marchesa luisa casati man ray

I definitely want to check out this book:
marchesa luisa casati

quotes via marchesacasati.com


  1. Such stunning photos! I never heard of her before, but she is definitely gorgeous :)

    Fashion X K8.blogspot

  2. Actually, Erin was a model, but she also has a line for RVCA. I think she still does some photo shoot modeling, she was a part of William Rast's ad campaign, and she used to be a stylist for Alexander Wang. But I don't think she walks anymore because she's got her own line. Thanks for the interest :) Happy New Year lady!

  3. I am so in love with her! she was an amazing personality
    and I definitely want to check out that book too, thank you for posting it!

  4. She's just soooo fascinating. The book is definitely on my wishlist now :)


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