cardigan: h&m, dress: choice (?), belt: self-made, black boots: steve madden, black leggings, black fishnets.

I was uber grumpy and mean and depressed yesterday. I was also wearing wearing frumpy jeans and a hoodie (coincidence? I think not). So today I decided to try dressing for the mood I want to have; just because happy girly me is cowering in a dark corner of my head doesn't mean I can't coax her out through some fashion therapy!

The outfit, or maybe more the resolution to have a better day, actually worked. I've been meaning to wear this dress as a skirt because well, it looks like purple paint! Then I ran into my coworker on my way to work and we had a mini photo sesh on the levee. So much more fun than using my car as a tripod!

P.S. I managed to finagle my mom into buying me a short stack of new fiction (Home Safe, Look Me In The Eye, Blues For Cannibals) and somehow I end up reading Dan Brown's newest formulaic-yet-somehow-still-addicting The Lost Symbol first. Sigh. Is anyone else reading it?


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