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I need a new everyday bag, something that's roomy enough, structured but comfortable enough to carry around, but not ridiculously huge or heavy. I am always drawn to oversized bags, but I'm finally realizing that they look ridiculous next to my 5'2" frame. I am no Olsen twin. And if it's too small I just won't wear it. I always like to have all my stuff with me. The usual contents of my purse include cell phone, iPod, Chapstick, planner/sketchbook, disgustingly bulky keychain, extra gloves in the winter, sunblock in the summer, point-and-shoot camera, and sometimes a book, a snack, a craft project or a drink.

I took a trip through Polyvore and found some unrealistic-but-jaw-dropping ideas...Dream Bags
From left to right: Alexander McQueen Faithful Bucket, Michael Kors Roslyn shoulder bag, and Betsey Johnson Little Bow Pleat
And then some good solid ideas haha...
Real Bags
From top left to bottom left: HURLEY Wall Street Handbag, Modcloth Dapperly Dietrich Satchel, TopShop Leather Barrel Holdall, Roxy All Spices Satchel, H&M Black Fold-Over Bag, and the Totally Funky Paper Plane Overnight Bag

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