[ Bargain Basement: Chloe vs Forever 21 ]

One of the biggest downfalls of reading copious fashion magazines while on a shoe-string budget is that you're exposed to a million different wonderful things you can't possibly afford. I know there's a lot of hoopla about the knocking-off of designer duds, but I can't bring myself to feel too badly about it.  Not saying I'm into counterfeit, but I love me some trickle-down...

Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it's also apparently run by some pretty big cry-babies. Let's just knock this one off to imitation being the biggest form of flattery...

I'm a little obsessed with ChloƩ (the ads as well as the clothes), and I'm especially enamored of the Paraty bag

But with a four digit price tag, I thought it was a pipe dream...
until I stumbled across this gem:

Forever 21's gray Roxanne $36.80

 Did I mention gray is my favorite non-color? What time does the mall open again!?


[Editor's Note: the F21 bag walked into my work on a customer, so I asked her about it and she let me see. It's pretty well constructed and sturdy, and I want it even more now!]


  1. i love the chloe ads! though i am not much of a "i love bags" girl i wouldn't complain if someone got me one lol.

  2. hey!! i'm just really excited that you like the forever 21 bag too!! cuase i'm totally obsessed with it too! btw i'm from Malaysia.and that bag costs 179.90 in Ringgit Malaysia! :( which i'm struggling to get..sigh..


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