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I've become enamored of GREEN! I recently added two malachite items to my closet and am finishing up a green bracelet for myself and a split pea soup-colored scarf for Eric. We're going to be set for Saint Patrick's Day, which is a good thing considering his love of bangers & mash; we'll most likely be going to a local Irish pub.

I finally watched Breakfast at Tiffany's in it's entirety and cannot believe I missed the existence of tasseled earplugs! I'm a light sleeper and I love tassels and have several in my craft stash so look out, ears! Check out the etsy search results :)

I just received a second Avon be blushed creme in Tropical Peach, to go with the Pink Melon stick I've been using continuously since I got it several months ago. They give a great sheer blush, just like Audrey's bedroom flush up there. 

 Oven roasted vegetable with olive oil, garlic, salt & pepper, mmm.

I forgot how much I like this movie...

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