Meghan & the Pansy Dream Coat

Story time! Last Fall I saw this beautiful corset-back trench coat on a stray trip through Anthropologie in Carmel. It was way beyond my price range (I don't know why I even bother entering that store!) even when it went on sale online, and I never stopped pining over it. On New Year's Eve Eric dropped me off at the mall in San Jose for some shopping, ended up wandering through the Anthropologie hoping I'd score a nice belt on sale. I checked the back sale room half-heartedly and almost screamed when I saw that gorgeous tell-tale pansy print fabric in a pile on the ground under another shoppers bags. I danced around behind her dementedly before getting up the nerve to interrogate her about the coat. It turned out she didn't want it and it was my size so I danced to the register with it, even though the price on the tag was still $99. I figured I'd just eat a lot of Taco Bell until next payday. But when she rang it up, it was fifty dollars, an internet return and the only one in the store!!! I am so grateful for the weird flukes that brought this pretty pansy print coat into my wardrobe. I wore it in full technicolor glory with purple Kill City jeans and raspberry suede slippers.

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