Mr & Mrs Catz

My wintry weardrobe seems to be limited to different combinations of layered shirts, sweaters and jeans. Dry days are welcomed over rainy ones, but the icy wind belies the looks of the palm trees against blue skies. Yesterday Eric and I both had the day off, so we went to Falafel of Santa Cruz! It was so, so, sososo delicious. It's strange how well fries and ketchup go with such a thing. We ate too much and lots of lounging around was in order afterward. What I wore: BDG sweater from a local discount store called Pretty Mama, a gingham Gap shirt from Crossroads, Wet Seal jeans, and  boots from Idle Hands. The cat couple on the pin is so random and cute, it makes me smile knowing they're there with me.

 P.S. Romwe is offering 30 % off today with the code BlackFriday30% 
I'm off to go browse for more shirts and sweaters ;)

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