Hats Off to Winter

So as predicted, as soon as it really got cold I got over "wishing for layers..." Ooh yeah, I'd forgotten what it's like when cold air cuts through your jeans and you ask yourself why didn't I put on long underwear underneath all my other clothes? Stealing your boyfriend's old snowboarding socks and layering warm fabrics like silk and knits are also good ways to withstand the cold. I finally rounded up all the looses buttons I could find and mended this pretty sea foam green blouse I found earlier this year at the Goodwill. Obviously I didn't have enough buttons for the top, and oddly I couldn't round up a pin I liked to act as a cravat, so I used a little gold safety pin found inside those boots (which I acquired from Idle Hands). Worn with a random openweave hat, Kill City jeans and second hand Old Navy sweater from Crossroads Trading Company. 
Um, have I mentioned I love them yet this month?

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