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I'm extremely excited about cake pops right now. Not enough to have all the necessary ingredients, but excited enough to post about them twice now. I know I'm probably three years late to this food trend but I mean, mixing frosting and cake crumbs together and covering them with endlessly deco-ratable chocolate...doesn't that sound like the perfect craft and treat?

I'm starting to think about the holidays and how I want to spend more time hand-making gifts for my loved ones this year. I love the idea of those "friendship earrings," and leather scraps can apparently be put to good use, too! I'm also thinking of cutting cute patches out of felt or velvet and decorating cozy sweaters.

Emmanuelle Alt: so simple, so cool.

aaaand some more food porn, sorry. I can't focus on clothing right now, I think I need to trek into the outside world for cake mix, thrift store sweaters nilla wafers, candy corn, hard cider and a movie.

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