Indian Summer

So yeah, it's been very warm this week. The kind of warm where I cannot stand the weight of hair on my neck and I don't need long sleeves until nine at night. I keep admiring everyone's autumn transition and back to school outfits, while struggling to come up with something equally interesting when it's eighty-five degrees out and I have to go to work. I wore a vest over a camisole to feel cooler in the heat; oooh, the innovation! I've had the pretty cami for years, but I'm only starting to appreciate it recently. I found it secondhand at Crossroads along with the wedges, Forever 21 vest, and bag (not all during the same trip). The shorts are cutoffs made from a friends pair of stretchy jeans.

I'm caught up in reading The Paris Wife right now. My equilibrium takes a beating every time I put down that beautiful little book about damp, cramped apartments, long wool skirts, and love in post-war Europe and walk out into the blinding twenty-second century California sun...

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