The Girl Never Gets Older

I grew up and still live in a town where Betty Paige is a fairly common style influence, so it really takes a lot for a retro look to make me look twice. Well, I've looked much more than twice once I discovered The Girl Never Gets Older, which features the cutest pin-up-inspired gal I've ever seen! This adorable Polish art history students blog design alone will turn your frown upside down. Check her out at, where she also features hairdo tutorials, new music, the cutest food porn, recipies and occasional (not annoying!) photos of her with equally adorable long-time bf. Oh, and you can add her on bloglovin' here! While I was compiling this post, I rediscovered an urge I'd long thought dead: I kind of want to wear a party dress and heels every day! I sure do love poufy, swingy, flouncy party dresses!

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