Screamin' Eaglet

Happy Saturday every body! Could you tell it was warm this day? I wore a cut up/taken in t-shirt, thrifted belt, Dollhouse oxfords and my mom's skirt from the 80's. We're not the same size but it seems to work. I don't think I'll ever again wear a short denim skirt (the last time I had any denim skirt was 2005) without 'Nam, I mean my-early-twenties, flashbacks. This faintly pinstriped, knee-length number just reminds me of Tiffany for some reason (the 'I Think We're Alone Now" singer, not the jeweler). But instead of wearing a Tiffany tour shirt, which I've never seen, I pulled on an easy breezy Judas Priest tee. Shrunk a bit, I feel like I may have originally worn this outfit as a kid. I like to think Rob Halford would be proud :p

P.S. I love boba without the boba // I found this delicate watch at the flea market for $5!

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