Fever Yellow

I'm having technical difficulties, but here's some outfit shots I snapped with my cell :)

Eric met me for my lunch break: we went to Betty's Burgers (again) and soothed my frazzled nerves with an Olallieberry & Honey milkshake and nachos. As early as I got up that morning, I didn't get together a very rad outfit. Which worked out, because while I was trying to take some outfit photos in the corner of a parking lot, some dude came over and started asking me for money and asking what i was doing, so I just threw the tripod back into my car and gave up (I don't know what it is about having an audience that I just hate while I'm taking photos; it's not like I don't later post them where EVERYONE can see! I suppose I just don't like the eyes of strangers boring into me while I'm trying to do stuff...). I ended up taking some Retro Camera photos with my phone, which turned out pretty fun. I'm wearing a yellow Forever 21 tank, beaded necklace from Cost Plus, Wet Seal blue jeans, Miz Mooz wedges via Crossroads, and Aztec pattern sunnies [[like these]].

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