Stripe Hype

I found this H+M sweater-dress in pristine condition at a Crossroads in Berkeley recently but haven't worn it yet. It was too cute to pass up, but I was worried it's too much of a fall/winter dress. Well, it's been raining here in the Bay Area, so I guess it all worked out. I was toasty enough at work with just the long dress (which will double as a great winter nightgown, wink) and a light jacket. I can't wait to pair the dress with boots, long necklaces and vests!

I can't believe I haven't had an outfit post-worthy outfit for a week! I've missed this. Last weekend I saw Bridesmaids and enjoyed my favorite sushi roll, which depending on the restaurant, involves salmon, cream cheese, garlic, macadamia nuts, basil, all tempura battered and fried. Oh yum my stomach feels heavy just typing this. On Sunday I had the BEST Thai iced tea I've found; their secret was to use coconut milk! It adds such an amazing creamy flavor and sweetness. I feel like while the past week I've been pretty uninspired closet-wise, I've eaten lots of amazing, inspiring food! A friend had a vegetarian bbq on Memorial Day, and while the wind and weather got cold quickly, the company and food was delightful.

H+M dress \\\ Crossroads
Dollhouse flats \\\ Ross
jacket \\\ Wet Seal
bag \\\ Kimchi Blue

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