Remix ideas:
- summery: ditch the tights and boots for and slip on some sandals and a little straw hat
- night: swap the matching fabric tie with a gold belt, bare legs and heels

I won this dress from a giveaway on Brianne's blog LeFlattery; when it came in the mail I was so excited! The fabric is super soft and nice, the colors are so pretty and the lacy neckline is so romantic. I had a hard time styling this dress up not too sweet and child-like. Now I just need to find some tools to remove that star on the zipper...

Spent this wonderful relaxing day off lazing in bed catching up on blogs, playing WordRival (I'm addicted), and going out to dinner with my man. I'm still full I think. I haven't quite eaten a while roll of sushi by myself before, but the Corruptor is just just so delicious (tempura fried basil, unagi, macadamia nuts, garlic)! The lighting was too dim to take a picture (curses!) but let me assure you, if you're ever in Santa Cruz, you need to get sushi at Mobo. After dinner, Eric and I  played some Trivial Pursuit the fun way, without the board or game pieces, just lazing about with the pack of cards trading questions.

Happy Monday Morning!

vintage clutch // the1727 dress: gift // secondhand boots: Crossroads

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