Sunshine and Flowers

I had a fun weekend. It even rained a bit, which at first I wasn't happy about, but then I enjoyed wearing darker colors and layers. Friday night I finally got my yellow curry fix and went to bed early. On Saturday the boyfriend and I drove up to Berkeley for a family lunch in the hills, and then we did a little shopping at Crossroads Trading Company—he found more than I did! What could be better: delicious lunch with a gorgeous view, time with my favorite guy, and some "new" clothes. It was UCB's graduation weekend and seeing all the young hopefuls in their gowns after the ceremonies reminded me of how poignant my graduation was. The culmination of hard work ended and transitory hopes of a new future...

I often wish I was still in school. In college, I wasn't quite clear what I was supposed to be doing besides homework and section. So I graduated with a degree in English, without the prospect of a job or career starting point, so now I'm back with the other BA's who work mindless, unfulfilling retail jobs in today's tough economy. But okay, enough lamenting, I have a steady job, enough to eat, and I can afford to blog, so that's all that really matters, right?

bag \\\ ?
top \\\ Target
scarf \\\ thrifted
jeans \\\ Wet Seal
shoes \\\ Dollhouse

BDG cardigan \\\ Pretty Mama

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