Crema Puff

Cream puffs are good (and eclairs are even better) but the last two pictures are of the sweetest sweeties in my whole wide world. Eric was awesome enough to snap a few photos for me in front of my favorite taqueria while we were waiting for our delectable potato breakfast burritos. It's been rainy this week, which I would mind more if I hadn't scored this awesome snugly topper from a co-worker (he just couldn't make it work). The hat's attracted cream puff commentary (yum) and is keeping me warm (yay), I won a gift certificate to Crossroads Trading Co. (omg!) and I get to offer you gals a Shabby Apple dress giveaway, so I'd say it's been a pretty dang amazing week so far!

vintage hat \\\ gift
top \\\ self made
wedges \\\ Target

jeans \\\ Crossroadsjacket \\\ Pretty Mama
jewelry \\\ mom+Crossroads+F21

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