Stay Golden

I've received some funny comments on this jacket, one per each wearing (so far). One involved a comparison to a nurse, and this day I was compared to "that one lady on Golden Girls." Well okay, sweet, I'm at least coming off as warm and nurturing? This blazer makes me like your "nice" grandma. Later, a woman appraised me for awhile at work and then asked if I had any tattoos. Interesting question, considering I do but none were showing. She made a vague gesture and said something about how I looked "untouched" and "pure." I just thought it was so weird. Maybe the pastels were getting to her. I seriously don't get why people bluntly question or comment to strangers. I mean on blogs, duh, common interest and a pretty wide adherence to maintaining a friendly and positive community atmosphere. Yet when I leae my house I often do not feel friendly; I feel afraid, and annoyed, and defensive. I wish the world was more like fashion blogs: pretty, polite and positive.

top \\\ h+m
wedges \\\ target
jeans \\\ wet seal
bag \\\ estate sale
blazer \\\ thrifted
necklace & rings \\\ crossroads
sunglasses \\\ random cheap rack
flowergirl earrings \\\ self-made


  1. that blazer is amazing! and coming from someone who owns the entire Golden Girls series on dvd trust me that a comparison to a Golden Girl is the highest of compliments possible!

  2. I really like the blazer. That tattoo comment was kind of weird. Where do people come up with that kind of stuff?
    My Heart Blogged

  3. That's so weird! I always have people say the weirdest things to me too! I remember when I had my interview at Starbucks and got hired, the manager told everyone that I was super innocent just because I was wearing this dress, so when I started work all of them hardly talked to me because they didnt want to be offensive. Can you believe that?! Haha..I get such weird comments every single day from strangers. Get a life!! I love your blazer SO much. I have been dying to get a floral blazer for like 4 years. The right one has not caught my eye yet. You look gorgeous. Oh...and do you have any tattoos? ;) ;)

  4. I love that adorable blazer! I would take that as a compliment, I love the Golden Girls, haha.

    Meanz (Koi Story)


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