Brownie Points

Sometimes I feel like the shy little sister of a blogger; I think I've worn the socks with heels mix about three times and I always feel really out of my comfort zone! Which is pretty weird considering how many people wear socks with heels in the blogosphere, and how many people wear socks with their Birkenstocks in my town. I don't know what about these platforms make me want to wear them exclusively with socks, but at least my feets were warm!

blouse \\\ sale (?)
jeans \\\ wet seal
bag \\\ kimchi blue
necklace \\\ forever 21
platforms \\\ nine west, via ross


  1. l like your glasses! where did you get them?


  2. Love the visual display here. I do understand the blogger style conundrum. Sometimes I am out wearing something I love., something other bloggers say they love, something I posted pictures of myself wearing on the internets, and I get shy about it just walking through the grocery store. Such is life. You look adorable here though.

  3. I really love that necklace, and I like the top you paired it with!
    And the brownies! I bet you could just do post after post about chocolate and no one would ever get bored :)


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