Black & Tans

Yay pockets! This is my favorite photo of the bunch, but I was making the most tired face ever; seriously, the bags under my eyes were competing with the one in my left hand. Took a snapshot of the Out Of Order sign in a Boardwalk bathroom this weekend during a friend's fun-filled [birth]day of air hockeying, junk food scarfing, ski balling, bloody marying and bowling. But I digress...

After thinking about it for a week and waiting for payday (and tax refund!) I picked up this sleeveless dress and another black floral number just in time for a scorching heat wave. I adore the pinafore-neckline and the tiny star and flower print of the fabric. I wore this out to lunch with my best friend, where we drank copious amounts of ice water and ate jalapeno cheese bread, probably not the best choice for a hot day.

That evening I tucked the dress into jeans and made it into a sweet little blouse for dinner at my boyfriend's father's house. His house is up in the mountains and it was so lovely sitting on the deck watching the day cool rapidly into pitch black (bug-filled) night.

dress \\\ sway
key earrings \\\ thrifted
dollhouse flats \\\ sway
basket bag \\\ estate sale

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  1. haha the first photo shocked me. You look so pretty Meghan! OH and the Lost Boys filmed in your hometown, are you a bloodsucker? If so you're way too cool ;)


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