It was so sunny but extremely windy! It was a lazy day for me, I only got dressed to go get chili fries at Betty Burger and do some errands/shopping. I found the exact same shoes I'm wearing in another color for half price at Ross, as well as a new bedding set. Do you ever feel like your sheets take on old memories? I associate my bed with bad dreams sometimes, so I wanted a fresh start. The sheets remind me of hotel beds, which is a plus ;)

shoes \\\ dollhouse
blouse \\\ thrifted
belt \\\ thrifted
bag \\\ kimchi blue
jewelry \\\ crossroads

**Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last posts; I'm excited so many people want to try the skirt tutorial!


  1. What a beautiful collection of images! Love bloggers who choose to find relevant photography to back up their content...Makes it that much more special, ya know :D Great finds, you totally scored at Ross! Happy Weekend to you!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. I love your ombre (sp?) nails! so pretty!

  3. The wind is so hard to work with for outfit photos. I really like your laid back outfit. Sounds like you found some great deals.
    My Heart Blogged

  4. Perfection! This reminds me of Santa Cruz so much (I want to go back this very minute!) I love your rings- they are so interesting! Also, it is cool how you incorporated other pics in here. I love it. xoxo

  5. i love your brilliant blue dress and the bold rings! crossroads has such a great array of jewelry! =)

  6. Your blue look is so pretty. I thought you were wearing a dress at first, and then I saw the shorts! I have a big breezy blouse, and you've inspired me to wear it with shorts, too.

  7. That top is gorgeous. I love the color!


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