Basket o'Fries

Mr. Postman, bring me a... new pair of shoes! You really made my Monday morning. I hadn't gotten dressed yet when my dog started barking at a knock at the door I didn't hear. What do I see out there on the mat? A cardboard box with Target red tape. Hurray! It's not raining? Another hurrah—I know what I wanna wear today, and it doesn't involve layers!

I'm sorry I cut out part of my hand, I'm trying to show you my owl ring and egg-yolk yellow dollar store nail polish, not flip anyone off! Halfway through the day my feets are still feeling awesome. I love the platform heel. If I wasn't wearing them for the first time, I'd trek down to Los Perricos and try their carne asada burrito with fries. It sounds crazy, but I like crazy when it comes to food.

top \\\ truly madly deeply, via crossroads
jeans \\\ wet seal
nailhead heels \\\ target
basket bag \\\ estate sale
ring \\\ crossroads


  1. Loving the shoes! I might have to go sang myself a pair!

  2. I do crazy things for food too. It doesn't help my boyfriend is an amazing cook. Your outfit looks perfect for sping. I really like your new polish.
    My Heart Blogged

  3. your shirt is sooo cute!! i love it! and your shoes are gorgeous!


  4. I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before, but I follow you! I'm mostly a lurker though...anyway. Love the shoes and the nail polish! And I do crazy things for food too. My boyfriend is usually either the perpetrator or accomplice in the crazy. We'll drive an hour for good Thai food! (And then eat ourselves silly thus making for a terrible drive back!)

  5. Thanks for the lovely comment & the birthday wishes flower! BIG happy birthday to you too fellow pisces :)

    Gorgeous outfit, love the top xxx

  6. tehehe, matching nails and scarf!! The jeans are cuffed so nicely.

    AND your hair looks GORGEOUS here. I love how natural it looks.


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