Live on tea and flowers

The sun is shining, I'm not working, and though it's not as warm as it looks, I've really enjoyed my Thursday. It's not over yet, there's still 80's night to attend. I slept in, caught up on my blogroll, read in bed with my pup, did a bit too much shopping for this week's budget (sorry next week) at Pretty Mama, and finally used some of my gift-card at Beverly's. Fabrics I found some awesome black-and-white skinny striped fabric for skirts and pretty blue yarn for the easy crochet scarf tutorial I'm planning. I'm liking this year very much so far!

I love this meadow near the sea. Last summer I took some photos here when the wild-grass and flowers were super tall. I guess in the middle of what's technically winter I shouldn't be expecting a riot of flora. There was still the vivid shades of grass, sky and ocean, as well as some happy white flowerbeds. I love this skirt, too and was so happy to have "found" it the other day after being unable to locate it for weeks. I'm thinking of doing a tutorial for this one too, since it has a nice waistband (which you can't see sorry) and is super cheap and simple. 

Oreo of course wouldn't participate in photos; she spent most of the time sniffing one clump of grass. I had to drag her into this one. She doesn't understand cameras or her online fan club, I guess.

This purse isn't new but it's only making it's blog debut today. On Oreo's birthday we took her to the fancy dog store for fun treats and cakes, and since there was an estate sale next door, I couldn't resist poking around a bit. I found this awesome bag, along with a patent leather and raffia stunner I'm thinking of listing in the shop soon. 

Tomorrow the boy and I are going on a little day trip down the coast to some magical area he wants to show me. I'm charging my camera battery and cleaning the lens (whooopsies) and can't wait to show you some Big Sur splendor! I hope you all have a fabulously relaxing, peacefully exciting, lovely weekend!

striped top \\\ target
mustard skirt \\\ self-made
vintage belt \\\ thrifted
shoes \\\ rachel comey via crossroads
bag \\\ estate sale
earrings \\\ locally made


  1. awh, I love your outfit and cute cute puppy! your outfit is adorable, and what a fun satchel :)


  2. Oh I love this skirt! And that look so adorable :)

  3. I really like the skirt, and would love a tutorial. I feel like every time I try to get back into sewing I take on some huge project, and then wonder why I give up.
    My Heart Blogged

  4. Lovely outfit!Like how you've matched the skirt with the top and the belt,looks very nice!And your bag...I love it!

  5. Lovely pictures, and that bag is amazing. Makes me want to go on a picnic. The weather should oblige in providing appropriate weather in, oh, three or four months.


  6. saw your site on burdastyle and clicked on it mostly because we have the same name (same spelling). saw your heading and thought, those train tracks look familar (don't ask, they just do haha)... and then I was excited to see that you're from santa cruz, too! pictures look like rio del mar? cute blog and fun to see other sewers from the area doing cool stuff!

  7. Both you and your outfit are just adorable...but what I envy most is that gorgeous weather! We are buried to our necks in snow here in the Midwest, you lucky dogs! :)

  8. That skirt is amazing- I would love if you did a tutorial on it!

    Gorgeous pictures. xo

  9. Aw M, this outfit is perfect for a picnic, or frolicking across the fields. I love the purse with it. <3 I'm completely envious of the gorgeous weather over there. It's snowing outside in Toronto... :[


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