Like my umbrella? It's the only kind that will keep your face safe from wind whipped raindrops. I need a little one for my camera. Today I took my inspiration from Milly's Fall collection, pairing a slouchy sweater with the longest, heaviest skirt I own. I wanted to pair this with my orange-y tall boots, but I seem to have misplaced them somehow. Who loses clothes?!

sweater \\\ thrifted
vintage skirt \\\ crossroads
scarf \\\ h+m
boots \\\ uo
tights \\\ forever 21

Lucky for me, I stayed snug most of the day, driving in warm cars through the rain. Ended up stopping at Target and found some sale knee socks, stocked up on toilet paper, and while looking through the sale hats, found a free beanie! Now, I'm not an advocate for theft, but someone had obviously left their slightly worn hat in the pile and stole a new one. So I took the discarded, tag-less, vaguely perfumed blue cap. Not a usual act, I'll say. *I made a new page called Money Matters, where I track my spending, share my personal financial probs and how I'm trying to alleviate them. If anyone's interested, check it out. When I update the page, I likely link to it in a regular blog post, or make a sidebar link.

**Lauren, in answer to your question, I've been hand sewing since I was a kid, but I got my first (and current!) machine when I was about fifteen ;)


  1. answer:thank you so much for your sweet comment!!*_*


  2. I love the heavy, thick fabrics layered... Something so rainy day perfect about it! Just found your blog through yes&yes forum, look forward to following more of your stylish posts!

  3. such a lovely look for a nasty day! there is nothing is being comfy to get through bad weather.


  4. Oh man, I LOVE those boots (and clearly, the umbrella)!

  5. thanks for your comment!

    I love your umbrella, supercute, and you've definitely inspired me to try and wear a long, loose top over a midi skirt, you look so good!

  6. You look so cozy in that rain! cute!

  7. I really like the big green sweater, and the scarf ties the colors together really well.
    My Heart Blogged

  8. I love this outfit! It looks so cozy.
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one in a financial pinch..though hopefully my new job will help pull me out of my rut! Good luck sticking to your budget!

  9. Oh wow I really love the colors in this outfit! That shade of green is my favorite :D Love the skirt and jumper ;)

  10. Ah such a cute outfit! And I love the umbrella!


  11. This is so lovely and the umbrella is adorable!



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