Deep Purple

I love this multicolored dress so much, and was stoked to find that my newly finished teal hat and purple socks both compliment it! The socks are a new (old) trend manifesting itself happily in my life. I have three pairs of knee socks I've never worn; don't get me wrong, I got them because I love them on other bloggers. But my beach town being as it is, I have been wary of wearing them in public. But these dark purple ones go so perfectly with this dress, and I was feeling brave and ready to deflect comments if they come my way (not you gals, I love your comments!)


It's supposed to snow at sea level here in Santa Cruz in the next day or two, which is extremely rare and very exciting! I hope my two pairs of tights plus the knee high socks were a good idea! The last time it "snowed" enough to see on the ground, I was in college in Santa Barbara and missed it. I'm hoping I'll get to enjoy some snowflakes by the sea this time! My boy's back is out for the second week, but I'm super thankful he was able to snap some pics of me this morning before work. If we do get some heavy precipitation, I hope he can manage a little trip to the beach.

hat \\\ self made
dress \\\ forever 21
cardigan \\\ target
purse \\\ estate sale
knee socks \\\ target
flats \\\ payless


  1. LOVE your basketbag and the socks over tights. Also great use of color :) you just need to push yourself out of your comfortzone until you feel comfortable wearing kneesocks! :D

  2. pretty much obsessed with your basket purse! i had a little basket clutch that i found at an antique store, but used it so much it wore out. :(*tear

    your dress is also beeeauutiful.

  3. high socks are the bees knees. I love yours! Have fun with your snow!

  4. Love this cute outfit and how the color of your beanie pops out!

  5. this bug is FAB!!!

    xoxo from rome

  6. Such a cute outfit! I love everything about it.

    Just found your blog & am so glad I did. You have some pretty inspiring tutorials. I haven't touched my sewing machine in YEARS but this tempts me to pull it out. :)

  7. These could be the cutest pictures you've ever taken. Love them! And I'm super jealous of your hat. Good luck with the snow!

  8. Really adoring the purple socks!! And the pop of colour on your head is lovely. I have yet to figure out how to wear a beanie without looking like a poser. It looks like it belongs on your head!!!


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