Made in Austria

The days I'm not cold are the only days I can remember fondly. This weekend was a lovely example. Drizzle and gray skies replaced our temperate coastal clime, but I'm not discouraged because I scored this hand-me-down vintage wool sweater from the boy (he didn't try it on first, lucky me). It's so so warm and looks like it was a little boy's school uniform sweater. Best of all, the label says Made in Austria! I probably haven't mentioned that my mom is from a tiny Austrian town near the Alps; she literally has "I skied to und from ze unheated one-room schoolhaus over a frozen river" stories to shame me for my wussy coastal California ways.

I think medium-to-high winds and temps below sixty-six are unbearable, so imagine my comfort in this sweatah and boots. Plus, there's really no better way to pass a mildly dreary day than by taking a short, damp stroll with good company, enjoying hot tea, bangers & mash by the fire at a local pub, then going home to take a lie-down with full bellies and 30 Rock. Mmm mm I love me some January two thousand eleven. Even more so after I got paid a day early and found a great "leather" jacket at Crossroads today for twelve dollars!

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What are you looking forward to this month? I'm really looking forward to February this year, which is exhilarating  especially sweaters, saving money, meeting goals, thrift shopping, trivia nights, movie nights, hot soup, blankets, snuggling, puppy time, hats, reading new books, recommitting to yoga, ah!


  1. Great sweater. It's really cool that your mother has roots, and stories like that to tell you. I think it is so easy to take the things we have for granted.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. i like this outfit alot. it's simple but still very trendy. i've been having a fashion block lately and this is quite inspiring!
    wolves and sparklers


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