I usually get at least one kilt comment and a snicker whenever I wear this skirt. I thought perhaps the jacket would throw people off the scent, but I suppose not. Personally, I think a plaid flannel shirt wrapped around someone's waist looks waaaay more like a kilt than this skirt does, but whatevs. To each their own ideas about traditional Scottish costumery...

I wore this out to a local pub to play trivia after work. Second place! No help from me, though haha. Sorry for my lame-out in blogging lately. I've missed you folks, and I see I even have some new readers. Hi new (and "old") readers! You must excuse my absence, hopefully, because I've been running late and wearing the same thing (jeans + sweater + jacket) for at least a week, barring this skirt day. It's been a gorgeous week, as you can see by how brightly the sun shines off my dog ;)

vintage skirt - via crossroads // shoes, jacket - wet seal


  1. Oh, I nearly bought a kilt the other day but tartan or anything checked just does not suit me... looks great on you though! I play trivia too, I always love the "guess this song" bit...
    And just found out re Emmanuelle Alt from your post a few days ago, it will be interesting to see what happens but I'm pretty sure she and Carine were thick as thieves anyway so I doubt the change will be drastic.

  2. cute kilt! er, I mean, uh... ;) I think this skirt is super cute! the colors aren't quite kilty enough ;) I love the leather jacket paired with it! so unexpected <3


  3. I recently discovered your blog when looking for skirt tutorials and I absolutely love your blog! You have great personal style. :)

  4. 4th Daughter - I rarely wear prints but I looove this skirt! I'm so bad at trivia, it's mortifying.
    and I didn't know Emm and Carine were close, so thank you for informing me!

    Chelsea Lane - heheh

    jenna - thanks girl! glad to be of service ;) Happy sewing!

  5. meg, your skirt is fab, I have a similar one but its yellow and orange, so I tend to stick out quite a bit when I wear it. Im used to the looks now. :)
    did you take the header image yourself, I love it.

  6. jessica - I have a bright yellow (w/red and black stripe) plaid skirt that I rarely wear because it's so poufy and bright, haha!


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