Too Young To Burn

I've missed posting, but being sick for the past week has put a serious damper on my hamper—picture sweatshirts worn to bed and again the next day. On second thought, maybe you don't need to picture it. Or how many germs are probably on the sleeves of this jacket now from stifling my coughing fits at work today. Instead, let's visualize style kicking germ ass! Today was my last day of work anyway, so now it's nothing but rest, last minute shopping and wrapping, rest, food, and more rest. Oh and I think I'm going to see Black Swan this weekend as well. Because looking at Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis is just about the best thing to do after stuffing yourself and getting rain-draggled hair running from the car to the theater ;)

jeans: wet seal
top: target sale
boots: journey's sale
hat: forever 21

Oreo did not want to move from behind the tripod, so I gave up trying to coax her into the frame and just zoomed in on her and clucked until she looked up for a second. I got her a squeaky penguin toy for Christmas, which she's already found once and run off with. She's seriously stubborn but seriously adorable and sweet, too. She's probably just wondering why we're so withholding.

Happy Holidays for those of you who do anything "holiday" right now. 
For everyone in every place, I wish you a wonderful December and all the health
and happiness in the universe ♥


  1. Love this outfit! Oreo's just the cutest. Hope you feel better and happy holidays to you too!

  2. Yay for feeling better and the holiday break! I love your hat!

  3. You look great!loove your hat!!xx


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