I am enjoying the mustache option available on picnik right meow...

My best friend is one of those precious gems that hardly, hardly ever wears pants. I know how that may sound, but seriously, I respect someone in this day and age who wears tons of dresses and shorts year round. So I always tip my hat to her when I make an effort to skip the jeans for a day or two. I'm super excited for a week off of work and a trip to Long Beach for said friend's birthday and senior recital this weekend! I miss her so much and can't wait to shop, drink and dine during a mini-vacation. I've started a packing list; I can't remember the last time I went on a trip this long!

jacket - wet seal; blouse - ny&co.; shorts - wesc, via crossroads; boots - vintage, via crossroads

I felt a little cat-like today; calmer, content, watchful. Enjoyed a whipped-lox bagel for breakfast, and took a nice little stroll in the unseasonably warm sunshine during my lunch hour. Even did the cat pose this morning (along with downward dog). Mrreow?


  1. I'm like your friend - I rarely wear pants! Loving this look, and your drawing is so sweet x

  2. Love your outfit, love the drawing! Your blog is so adorable, the layout is fantastic!

    Following you. :)

  3. LMAO @ the kittyhead. Oh you.

    Yes, I have a friend like that too! In fact, I've never seen her in jeans.. ever. I don't think she even owns a pair.

  4. I like your drowing and the mustache :) I'm a skirt and dress lover too. It adds that litle extra I think ;)


  5. Meghan you look so casual chic:) love it:)

  6. I love the outfit (great layering!)...and the mustache....and the cat of course!

  7. That moustache suits you beautifully, Meghan!!

    And I must say, I tip my hat to both you and your friend. If I had to wear skirts and dresses all the time I would perish. Literally perish.



  8. I totally agree! I love my skirts and dresses but I'm a skinny jeans girl at heart! I can definitely respect someone who doesn't wear pants!

    Rachael at


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