Bright but not warm...

I'm almost afeared of what's to come this winter; the last one involved freakish record-breaking rains. Somehow we're still stumbling along with days of weak sunshine between deluges. This coming after several days of summer weather is really throwing me off. Mostly I just want to wear one of those floor length parkas water polo players have. It'd be like a snuggie meshed with a sleeping bag,  cozy but waterproof!

dress: self made; boots: thrifted; blazer: macy's

Massive amounts of krispy kremes, pizza and Parks & Recreation have been consumed this weekend, by me. Either my heart will explode with laughter and fat, or I need to eat some vegetables tomorrow. One question I can't help asking you though: Is "mallway tweet" an insult?? The name Shawna Mallway-Tweet sounds so wrong to me!

also, since I've just discovered them, here are some Munchkin cats!


  1. I would love a munchkin cat! That is so freakin' cute!! Oh and leopard print dress is very cute! A classic shift shape with a pretty print, is always a Do!

  2. Simply charming the style stuff and the cats are awesome...thanks!


  3. Love the tracks pics! I'm dying to move into a new place so I can get a Munchkin cat there are the cutest little guys ever!

  4. Munchkin cat!? I must have one! HOW CUTE!

    Also... I could so go for a Krispy Kreme right now. The one that was close to me shut down years ago. My thighs are thankful but my tummy is not.


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