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I just returned from nearly a week spent in Long Beach with my bestie, braving ice-cold winds and hearing tales of snow and hail from home. The trip was jam-packed with gabbing, girl talk, nail painting, eating, drinking, shopping (and can I say, no sleep?). Besides the quality time I've been missing, we discovered an amazing hot dog place called Mustard's Chicago Hot Dogs. I'm sorry I only have this cell phone picture, but here are some more descriptors: tangy relish, tart dill pickle, tomato wedge, celery salt., pepper, onion, mustard. That's right, TWO KINDS of pickle accessory. I was in pickle heaven. We went two days in a row, and I'm already craving another one.

We went to the biggest Forever 21 I've ever seen, and naturally I blew too much money. But I can't wait to wear what I got ;p I was hoping for a turban beanie, but no such luck. I coveted the cutest lace-up oxford heels I first spotted on another Twitch Vintage, but I just have no reason to wear such sumptuously affordable trendy shoes in my daily life. Instead, I splurged on sweet tights, a hat and some  other things for winter. I've missed everyone and my normal blog routine, but I'm gearing up for seven straight days of work after Thanksgiving, so I better get crackin' with the happy time outfits! We also did some thrift shopping, which was more fun in a strange town, and I found a sweet vintage Celine wallet and a new-found interest in making hand-bags made of yarn...

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I love those F21 shoes! I might have to get a pair myself. Oh the power of blogs + enabling...


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