Fashion Therapy: The Texas Tuxedo

[an alternate title to this post could be: Denim Dan(ielle)]
 I've never been a fan of all-denim outfits, except on "cowboys" in old Wrangler commercials. Something about wearing a skin of what is essentially work clothing just does not strike me as attractive or comfortable, even in this modern age of four-way stretch & Jeggings.

But then something weird happened yesterday morning after seeing this picture; I thought "Hey, what about dark jeans and this shirt that isn't really denim... and NO COWBOY BOOTS?!" So a compromise between my bias & current trend was created, and I quite enjoyed it. Even so, I'd still rather have an outfit like the girl on the left in that photo.

*I've been lagging big time in the mornings, please excuse the terrible lighting.
shirt: borrowed from mom's closet; belt: thrifted; jeans: wet seal; shoes: BCBG, via Ross

  Things I'm Grateful For/Yays:
♥ I just passed my one-year mark with my blog & etsy shop. I am really excited to see what
the future holds, as I renew my focus on making things happen.
♥ Delicious fudgy brownie mix (for $1!)
♥ Managed to "fix" my camera after "breaking" it
♥ Saturday, brunchtime:
♥ my new favorite hobby, thread crochet, is both fun, satisfying, and gives me a reason to
break out those fancy Juicy Couture glasses I got in college (wish I still had that insurance!)


  1. Those jeans are a great fit on you and look perfect with those heels. I've been wanting to try the denim on denim look too!

  2. I love your draped denim shirt!

    I totally agree with you on double-denim: they have to be very different washes to work!

  3. So cute! Those shoes are amaaazing and those pants look great on you. I love the etsy ad underneath your header, such a good way to advertise your shop! :) Hope you're well pretty. xx

  4. YES!!! Great choice of shoe. I love that you didn't do a cowboy boot. I've never tried denim-on-denim, but this look tempts me!

  5. I love your take on denim on denim! And it's funny because we call it a "Canadian Tuxedo" up here. I think it's such a funny trend because old men around here do it 365 days a year, however you make it look MUCH more stylish than they do haha


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