Fashion Therapy - Short Sighted

I cannot get over the shorts I scored from the mens' section in a thrift shop months ago. Rolled up the hems and discovered a whole new look! Paired with the quintessential Breton stripe, and I felt more fit for a sail than for work.

top - Target, ($15); belt - DIY, ($8); shorts - thrifted, ($8); shoes - unknown, via Crossroads Trading, ($8)

I recently signed up for, where you can swap your new/gently used & makeup. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure! Knowing how many products I've bought it my lifetime, 
I wish I'd found this site earlier. Have you tried this site? My username is megstuffnthings :)


  1. ahhh! I do love the color of those shorts. And mens?? So cool! I think that makes them even better hehe :) I love the stripes too- they make everything look so chic!

  2. Ya those shorts are all kinds of amazing. hehe you do look like you're dressed for some wind in your sails.

    I used to be all over MUA when I was younger. I didn't swap much, but I used to be pretty active on the forum. My only word of advice is to swap with people who have many positive tokens. There are some slimeballs there. And proper sanitation is your best friend.


  4. those shorts were an amazing find!

  5. Those shorts are precious on you! Love that you were so adventerous. I haven't seen that site, interesting.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  6. And I cannot get over how cute you look in these shorts!! I love the color. Great way to transform them just by rolling the hems.

  7. CUTE, looks great with those shoes too!

    My hardcore punk bad today were Cancer Bats, from Canada's Toronot.

    They were so nice!


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