Fashion Therapy: Hand-Me-Downs

I've never been into buying expensive tights, but since I "splurged" on these sheer polka-dot babies after my cheaper sale pair ran amok a few months ago after maybe 6 wears, I might be more willing to invest a bit more. These are so much thicker, silkier and softer!

Please say hi again to the ring I can't stop wearing and my new favorite nail polish
— it's called Wet Cement, haha!
sweater - New York & Co., via Crossroads Trading Co., ($8); skirt - DIY altered 
dress, see below*, ($0); tights - HUE, ($12); flats - Payless, ($15), ring - Crossroads, ($8)

After several months of wearing full skirts, I wanted to slip on something more, well, tight. I guess I'm going in the opposite direction of current trends, but whatevs. I had a too-big dress given to me by a curvier friend that I wasn't sure what to do with, until the obvious hit me. I cut off the top and made it into the perfect basic comfy jersey skirt that I'd been missing.

*Here's the dress before:


  1. Diggin' that wet cement and bow ring!! Very cute.

    And I know what you mean about wanting to slip into something a little more figure-hugging. I love lines the body creates!

  2. Tights are something that I try and buying for as cheaply as possible...but sometimes you just have to indulge. I spent £12 on a pair of tights by Henry Holland and to this day, this still remain tear-free. Sometimes the splurge is worth it, especially when the tights are beautiful!


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