Fashion Therapy - Summer Blacks

I wanted to see if I could make this loose black dress feel summery. I think I did, kinda. I felt pretty good as I twirled around the field this evening (photos taken at 7:30 p.m.) I dragged Oreo along with me, but she didn't have as much fun as I did for some reason...

This dress is so comfy, I actually wore it two days in a row. I know, gross. I've been sewing almost all day, getting ready for tomorrow night. I have a booth/stall at local boutique Idle Hands, to sell my handmade clothing. I am so nervous and excited, and still have so much work to do, I can be a horrible procrastinator!

dress - via Crossroads, no tags | belt - self made | shoes - Journey's

Today's Yays ♥ Costco run: blueberry muffins, spinach dip & garlic bread, bubbly water!
♥ productivity! ♥ sleeping in & still being productive ♥ 30 Rock on netflix instant download
♥ late afternoon sunlight on the flowers ♥ water - I was so thirsty all day!

What made you Yay today?


Thank you to loogie2 for telling me to mess with longer shutter speeds when the sun is behind you!
Thank you so much to Lynzy for the blogger award! You're a sweet heart!
Megan, you rule for leaving me those amazing Burda shorts pattern links. Thank you!


  1. Spinach dip at costco=deliciousness
    Your DIY belt=amazingness (if I could make that a word, I would)

    Happy 4th!
    xo Lynzy

  2. I am SO in love with that belt!! Such a great, simple diy! I'm off to the craft store now to make my own :)

  3. Awesome photos, with the rays of sunlight and pretty. i think I'll start wearing black in the summer now, this looks great!

  4. Great DIY!
    AND yeah for First Friday Art Nite and Idle Hands!!

  5. Hello, I found your blog off Wardrobe Refashion and just wanted to tell you how stinkin cute you are! Love your style. I totally wish I lived in CA so I could come check out your booth tonight. Good luck!


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