Fashion Therapy - Wedge Wednesday

Wednesdays are my Friday when it comes to the day job, so I was tired and grumpy before getting dressed this morning. I really felt comfortable and good in this outfit, though!

I want a different hat for every day right now. This one's a sort of straw cloche that got a bit bent up in my closet. It just adds such a whimsical, different element to the casual shorts & plaid. The shorts I've never truly liked until this outfit, and I'm thinking of lots of ways to run with this sort of schoolboy-uniform silhouette. And I don't know why I get so excited about color-coordinating this top & wedges, but I do!

hat - new deal | top, shoes - new york & co. | shorts - ?, altered to fit

Today's Yays ♥ cake, cake and more cake! ♥ temperatures cooling to bearable ♥ a nail art extravaganza ♥ finishing a sweet drink cozy with a big bow ♥ "dusk" stretching on past 9 p.m.

What made you Yay today?


  1. I really like the outfit. the hat is super cute too!

  2. Love the colour of those wedges, I'm very into purple at the moment!

  3. The wedges are sweet and so is the check shirt.

  4. Gotta give it to the hat, too cute!

  5. your legs look so long!! Darn, I need to get myself a pair of wedges :]

    And the hat was a great touch.

  6. Lovin the wedge!!! Oh that hat, I fancy too!


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