Fashion Therapy - Bright Lights Big City (Kinda)

Night time photography eludes me with my only working digital camera. Especially at shows, so I'm sorry I don't have any better pictures to share from last night. I went up to San Francisco to see Radio Moscow play at one of the city's finest, "premier" dives called Thee Parkside. I love the classy use of "thee." There were only about 35 people there, so I was extra happy to be able to enjoy an awesome show and keep my personal space  ;]  I'm glad they came all the way here from Iowa! 

It was well worth the 75-minute drive & missing my bedtime — *yawn* — except for the 15 miles I drove on the wrong freeway in the wrong direction. Getting through the mountains and then driving in the "big city" is so harrowing sometimes! I think my dog ate one of my insoles, so I just wore one and felt kind of lopsided all night.  

top - rue21  |  jeans - wet seal  | shoes - jeffrey campbell

I got these shoes a few years ago at a boutique sale in Santa Barbara. I think of the items of clothing I acquired while going to school there my "Santa Bro-brah" finds. It was hard being in close proximity with Betsy Johnson & anthropologie stores and not having much money! The priciest shoes I own, and the most uncomfortable. But cool to look at!

* Karen Beth - the h&m cardigan is from last summer's sales ;]


  1. adorable shoes! great color!
    i went to santa barbara for school too. small world :)

  2. I am so sorry to hear that those shoes aren't comfy- because ohmygod are they wonderful.

    I hastily scrolled to see if I could still snag a pair- but methinks not.

    Rock it, mah lady.


  3. Wow those shoes!!! But ya, they do look like they would be painful. They can be reserved for picture taking purposes only hahaha


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