Shop Update/Outtakes

I didn't actually get dressed today, except to quickly go get fitted for a bridesmaid dress. Mostly I've been in pajamas, watching Friday Night Lights on netflix and cutting out patterns. That show is so good, I get so emotional watching it!

These are just some outtakes from today. I took pictures of these new additions for my Etsy. Since I made them, I guess they still count toward Me-Made May. I thought these pics were funny, considering in the first one I'm trying to pull my skirt down without falling backward & I look mad in the second (I wasn't, I was cold though).

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend ♥


  1. hey Im loving both the dress & the skirt!...glad you didn't fall lol :)

  2. Hay dear blogger!
    How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

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  3. I love the bluse and the skirt:) You look so girlie:)


  4. Love the orange skirt! How did you make it?


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