Point Lobos Love

Last Saturday my friend Dorey and I took a day trip down the coast to Point Lobos, a nature reserve just south of Carmel and north of Big Sur. The harbor seals in the region are pupping right now, and I'd heard that the baby seals and their mom's were a sight to see. They were! The groups were basking in the little protected coves, idly feeding or rolling about, teaching the pups to swim in the tiny waves. They made the funniest noises! 

We hiked around for hours, taking pictures and laughing and talking. Eating lunch on a rock above the ocean, a seagull came to hang out right next to us and watch. We even came within five feet of some deer, who just looked at us and went about their deer business.The water here is so blue, and before the fog rolled in so was the sky. Near me, the ocean is more a murky dark green, so these turquoise shades were a surprise treat.

Point Lobos was once a whaling station, and there were huge whale vertebrae stacked about behind  the little museum. I love looking at old photographs and artifacts. The next two photos show the old whaling station in 1910, and what it looks like today. Now that whaling is illegal, this cove is popular with scuba divers.

Before it became a reserve, this section of rugged California coastline was also a popular set for old movies.  Isn't the actress pretty? I love 20's style hair. This was also technically the first day of Me-Made May, but since I haven't really made any outdoorsy clothes I had to squeak by with just a scarf I knit. Not a great outfit day, but a beautiful one nonetheless!

I think I've mentioned my "thing" for Spanish moss before. I loved seeing so many different types of trees, plants, flowers, and animals. It's a very wild, windy, beautiful is place.
 On the way home we stopped in Monterey to have a restorative dinner at my favorite British pub, The Crown & Anchor. Every time I get the curried potato wedges with chutney and it is a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y delicious. We also split a piece of blackberry pie with vanilla ice cream on top, mmm. We rolled back to the car, then stopped again in Seaside for some Target browsing. I tried on a bunch of things but only liked one, which was a little disappointing, but good for my bank account! I found my mom a little Mother's Day gift, too.

It was such a gorgeous day, full of awe-inspiring views, great company, exercise, snacks and photo-taking. I look forward to taking more little trips like this that help me enjoy where and how I live ♥


  1. These photos are so beautiful! And I loved seeing the old picture of the whaling station right next to present day. Very cool.

  2. You know, I've lived in Monterey and the area my entire life and I've never visited point Lobos! It looks absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I totes love that area and Big Sur even more so. Someday I will go on hikingtrips over that way. And your photos are beautiful.

  4. WOW these pictures are GORGEOUS :) I can't imagine how long it took you to download them all and upload them onto blogger!!

    My favorite is of the coastline before the movie part..... the water is so pristine and beautiful!

    I also love the spanish moss :)

  5. thank you for posting this. travel pics are some of my favorites because i feel like i went there too! :) have a great weekend meghan!


  7. This just makes me love California that much more - you really can get every type of terrain imaginable! Love the pictures!

    xoxo Maria

  8. Fantastic photos.. I love the ones of the seals smiling so contentedly.. but all of them are so amazingly beautiful! I need to get out and make a trip like this, although I noticed your fungi picture and thought 'at least I can find fungi in my own backyard'!


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