Fashion Therapy - Supersize Me

Just a few more posts and I'll be all caught up, just in time for the end of Me-Made May! It'll be nice to wear some of the outfits I've been planning all month but didn't wear. Last night I went to an awesome show and a fun after party. I never go out anymore, but last night was a nice change from the usual routine. I had some nice conversations, some hugs and a sip of Goldschlager - mmm, cinnamon-y.

In case polka dots, criss-cross contrast stitching, and oversized wooden jewelry wasn't enough to make ya dizzy, I thought I'd throw in a shot of my everyday bag, also oversized and patterned oddly. I love being able to use it as a shopping bag and carry all my crap in it, too.

necklaces - thrifted | top - self made | cardigan - uo sale | jeans - wet seal | shoes - ross

any exciting plans for the weekend? I'm going to see MGMT tomorrow night!


  1. Ka-chow right back at you!

    This is just magnificent. I wish I could steal it from you. {All of it}

    Also, I apologize for not emailing. I will. I just get so easily distracted by these pretty pictures and then POOFthedayisgone.

    Man, seriously- I keep looking at this outfit and it is just blowing my mind.

    Have fun at MGMT!!!!

  2. I absolutely love your shoes and your oversized necklace! they totally match :)

  3. cool it :) great blog :)

  4. Eep! this is gorgeous. I love that necklace so much. And you look so good in skinny jeans. <3 Perfection. x


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