Fashion Therapy - Sunshine in Stripes

The only downside to hanging out in a gorgeous field is that fields have bugs, and bugs often feed on humans. I have a big itchy spider bite on my arm that is driving me crazy! But it hasn't stopped me from enjoying the weather out there the past few afternoons, I just smartened up and brought a blanket.

My dog loves to poke around, chasing little butterflies and eating grass. She always stays close and checks in. This was a warm afternoon so she lay in my shade while I read. She would not get into any of the photos though.

Um, yeah I thought this turned out pretty funny. The extent of my athleticism is jumping over small shrubs. I much prefer lying down. Or reading. Or sleeping. Or eating. Or all three. Or shopping at Crossroads* haha. I'm so in love with these shorts! They were actually new, but for $12. I love the pockets and the skinny stripes. It's been hard styling them since I haven't made many tops for Me-Made May. I also just got a navy & white striped top that I really really want to wear with the shorts, but I don't think I can until June...

 tee- aa, via crossroads | vest - self made | shorts - f21, via crossroads | belt - thrifted
shoes - michael by michael kors, via crossroads
The clouds were so crazy looking this day, like cake decorations. I thought they went well with the frosted cupcake bite.

*For those of you who wondered, Crossroads Trading Co. is similar to Buffalo Exchange; they buy and sell new and used clothing. I used to work there for a short time, during which I spent way too much of my paycheck there (employees get first dibs on the good stuff!) This is a pretty small chain in Portland, Seattle, Chicago and throughout California.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and a lovely Mother's Day!


  1. Meghan you look so fresh and happy:)

    I've always admired the energy your pics inspire.

    I love the outfit also, the vest it's so cool:)

    Lot of hugs

    Kiss your dog from me, I love pets so much:) I have a cat:)

  2. Laying in the grass and reading sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

  3. I saw this look on Weardrobe, and I have to tell you that I love everything about it! Your photographs are all beautiful.

  4. Hands down my favorite outfit of yours thus far! That vest is amazing :)

    xoxo Maria

  5. You look so dreamy. I love that cupcake and your vest! You are so cute :) Hope you have had an amazing wekeend! x

  6. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I found your blog the other day and looove it!! I love everything about this outfit, especially the vest! You are quite talented :)



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