Fashion Therapy - Stoppin' Short

This is what I wore on a lazy Friday of fabric shopping, sewing, eating, watching Friday Night Lights, and more sewing. I'm really pleased with all of the above. I love days off work! I can't wait until my hobbies and work can merge...

top - self made  |  shorts - hurley, altered  |  shoes - mervyn's

I still have enough of this black and grey houndstooth sweatshirt knit to make something new for my etsy store. 
What do you gals think: a full gathered skirt, or a more fitted one?


  1. oh how I know what you mean about merging work and hobbies.. if only it could happen!!
    I'm not really a houndstooth person but I wonder how it would look if you coloured just one or two of the paler sections in a bright pink or gold or something? Could make for an interesting accent in the skirt or whatever it is that you are making.

  2. I would go with a more fitted skirt, but that's probably just because houndstooth makes me think businesswear.

  3. What a lovely top! That's one thing I haven't ventured into in my sewing projects...I think sleeves scare me. I definitely say fitted skirt!

    xoxo Maria

  4. You should totally make something and I will buy it!! I went to the University of Alabama and black/white houndstooth is a trademark print for UA! Love the one you made!


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