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It's my Friday! Woo hoo. I'm jumping for joy. I was so happy to get off work early and enjoy the end of this beautiful day. I walked down the train tracks to a field by my house to enjoy the late afternoon sunlight.

After taking photos I just lay down, looking at the amber sunlight through the grass, admiring the deep green of  the trees, and relaxing under the wide cloudless sky. This is my favorite time of day. I love the colors, the warmth and the sense of ending on a good note.

I'm pretty darn in love with my "new" wedges. They are so sweet and springy, but the tiered heel is really unusual and interesting. They were actually pretty comfortable to stand in all day, too. I can't get over them, especially since they were $12!

top - crossroads | skirt - self made | shoes - crossroads
I'm excited to have some custom Etsy skirt orders in the works. Tomorrow should bed a fun trip to the fabric store. Goodbye work, hello sleeping in, reading, and sewing! And lots of relaxing. Have you watched Better Off Ted? I just started it on netflix instant download, and I am enjoying it so much! I was a big fan of Arrested Development, and this show reminds me of an office version of it, also with Portia de Rossi and a cute guy and dorky humor.


  1. Those are such interesting wedges!! I adore them, especially with the light outfit.

  2. I absolutely loveee these pictures!!! YOu look so happy and carefree- exactly the type of Friday feeling you would expect :). You captured it so well! hehe.

    I love the field. I love the lighting. And, I love your outfit. The top is beautiful (dress?) and those wedges are SO unique.

  3. Wow! These pictures are so stunning,that one of you laying down is my absolute favorite picture of you, EVER! :) so so beautiful. You are so pretty! I love this outfit so much :) are such a doll. Cute shoes!!! x

  4. I'm pretty darn in love with your new wedges too!! I have a fav pair from last summer that it is almost warm enough to get out but not quite!!

  5. Love Love Love it! That is exactly the skirt I'm working on making right now! Yah =) Going to get my sewing machine this weekend and hope to bust out a few for me-made may. <3

  6. Oh, this is lovely (as are the last three posts I missed!!!!) I envy your pasture and amber sun gazing times. And that close up of you in the grass is really, really beautiful.

    Is Crossroads a thrift? Vintage store? Either way, I wish I had a crossroads.

    Yes. And I wish I had the tiered wedges, too.

  7. Great shoes - makes me want to seek out some wedges, although I doubt I'll find any as unusual as those.

  8. I want to know about Crossroads too! If they have an online store I am buying those wedges.. they are beautiful and I love the way you've photographed them too... I took some shots wearing wedges the other day but foolishly stood in mud while doing so ... doh!


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