Fashion Therapy - Rose Red

The weather took another abrupt turn, pouring this morning after days of lovely warmth. My head is spinning!

I got a little kick out of the rose-on-rose mix. It warmed up enough at work that I didn't wear the cardigan and belt much. I got so many compliments of this dress today! I made it with a vintage silhouette in mind, but it's jersey knit so it's super comfortable and slips on overhead. I've worn it with these red tights before; I can't resist matching!

dress - self made | cardigan - h&m | belt - thrifted via crossroads | shoes - steve madden, via ross

I found myself and many other bloggers in Payless' Style Watch section, photos we uploaded to chictopia that featured Payless shoes (they link to a similar style, but didn't get the actual shoes I wore correct, nor did they link to my blog or chictopia page). There has been a series of recent articles on IFB regarding this subject and the rights of bloggers vs. the rights of the communities we participate in.
What do you think of your public photos being used in such a way without permission, in order to promote a brand?


  1. I think it is never going to happen to me!! Mainly cos my photos are just not great quality!! However on a serious note, I think it basically bad manners to use anything of anyone else's without permssion!! Especially without a link!! I often link to other peoples stuff on my blog and I don't always ask permission but I'm not promoting myself in that case I'm promoting the other person! Likewise if I ever reproduce photos of patterns and such like. I would never endorse anyone reproducing something of someone else's for their own gain.

    I know blogs like yours are in the public domain in so far as we can all look at your pics but that doesn't mean we can willy-nilly take bits from it and use it as our own, whoever we are!!

    I'm indignant on your behalf!

  2. Waoh love this dress !! Would you made one for me ? I don't think i've seen it on your Etsy ? seriously !!


  3. They at least need to source your photo or profile on the site they used you on...I feel that it's bit indecent of them to do so! Also, bad information is almost worse than no information at all. I'm sure you were flattered to be used, but if they didn't even get the shoes right...

    I feel that it's an awkward situation at best, and a confusing one. Whatever happens, you always dress really well and your photos are lovely! The pattern on the dress is fantastic!

  4. wow! This dress is seriously stunning on you. no wonder you got so many compliments, you more than deserve them. You always blow me away with your cute outfits. :) I read about all of that on IFB and I saw your picture a few times in the ad. I was wondering why they didnt link back to your blog! I think you definately deserved that much - or atleast for them to tell you that you were in their ad!

  5. Ahhhhh!!!! I love this so much. The dress is amazing and you are brilliant for wearing those tights with the outfit. :]

    Ya I don't think it's right that they did not link back to you. It's fine that they use your pictures (I think it's flattering!!), but not linking is evil.


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